Peirce - Classical Sign Models

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Peirce - Classical Sign Models

Post by tobi-wan kenobi on Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:09 am

Hey fowlks,

Via this I wanted to share the outcomes of our Peirce Reading Groupd for the general interest of semioticians. I'm just gonna leave this here and step back carefully, without any threat of violence. If somebody is interested in discussing I will gladly supply some descriptions of the models that I'm posting. As for now it might be just intersting to visualize the logic structure of the sign at its very core, which we might be able to use at some point and time.

[Short descriptions after the pictures]

This model explaines the triadic organization of the sign through Object, Referent and Interpretant. There is some additional information about the relation and some comments on the ontological state of every element, different states that these can be in and semiotic subdisciplines that deal with them... Very philosophical, very logical, very mathematical... Peirce... Ask for answers =)

These are the different types of signs as a result of the different state that the Interpreter can be in and as a consequence of the relation between the different elements of the sign. This results in this very broad description of sign types embedded in different levels of categorical ontology =) Sounds weird, is weird, but not impossible to understand. Feel free to ask anything



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